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PLASTCON is the first factory in North-West Region to have implemented the full cycle of manufacturing of flexible containers (big bags), transport liners, covers and canopies - from the production of polypropylene tape yarns with the use of extrusion technique through the making of products from polypropylene tubular fabric. The entire range of raw materials, intermediate and end products are subject to strict inspection performed in the state-of-the-art testing laboratory, which enables us to ensure quality level meeting the highest national and international standards.
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Since the launch of production in 2000, PLASTCON (Russia) produces various models of non-reusable and reusable flexible containers (FIBC) with a cargo-carrying capacity of up to 2,000 kg.


Depending on the methods of loading/unloading and also on the machines and devices to be used for their handling and transportation, the following types of flexible containers may be produced:

  • with one, two or four load handling fixtures (loops),
  • with open top or filling spout (completely opening, fastened top),
  • with solid bottom or discharge spout (fully opening fastened bottom).

Safety factor of the flexible containers is equal to: 5:1 — for non-reusable containers; 6:1 — for reusable containers and containers designed for hazardous cargo transportation.


The plant also produces transport liners to insert into high-capacity containers (20, 40 foot) and gondola cars when performing the transportation of bulk or packaged general cargo, covers, canopies made of polypropylene fabric, and other polypropylene products.

Ul. Severnaya, 12, liter D, Kolpino, Saint-Petersburg, 196655, Russia, Phone number: +7 812 646 10 84